Dr. Vivek Handa

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Dr. Vick Handa (Vivek Handa) is a Burlington, Ontario based dentist.

Originally from London, England, Dr. Vick Handa moved to Canada at a young age. After his education and training in dentistry, he began serving the community of Burlington and today calls Oakville home with his two children, Simran and Joshua.

Dr. Vick Handa currently leads a team at Walkers Line Dental that is dedicated to providing quality dental services to its patients. Understanding the anxiety associated with going to the dentist, Dr. Handa strives to provide compassionate care, while building lasting relationships with his patients so they feel welcome and at ease when they visit. From simple fillings to extractions or more complicated work like treatment for TMJ, Dr. Handa approaches dentistry with a patient-first mentality in order to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Patients receive individualized assessments and treatment tailored to their specific requirements. To allow patients to relax, Dr. Handa provides televisions in the ceiling for patients to watch movies during the procedure. Seen as diversional therapy, patients have something to keep their minds focussed on and to help pass the time. His goal is to help patients achieve the healthiest smile possible in a comfortable and friendly environment that doesn’t have them dreading the next visit.

Outside of his work, Dr. Vick Handa avidly takes part in his children’s extracurricular activities, cooking and trying new types of cuisine.

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